Galle Fort – Beautiful Costal Town in Sri Lanka

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Galle Fort – Beautiful Costal Town in Sri Lanka

Galle fort can be named as the most beautiful coastal town in Sri Lanka. Locals play cricket near the beach, tourists wander along the historic fort walls, and street sellers sell fresh tropical fruit under the palm trees as life slows down in Galle fort. Because of its history, it is a cultural melting pot with a unique blend of European and Asian influences, as seen by the whitewashed Dutch-style houses that line the cobblestone streets. Travel to Sri Lanka’s most southwestern corner and take in all of the sights and sounds of Galle Fort.


Things You Must Do

The Dutch erected Galle Fort on the Sri Lankan coast in the 18th century, replacing the Portuguese control that had been in place since the 16th century. They fortified Galle, leaving behind lovely European-style structures that may still be seen today. The town was thereafter taken over by the British, who ruled it until Sri Lanka regained its independence.

The fort has immense cultural and architectural significance due to its amazing history. As a result, it has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in order to protect the natural beauty of the area. For hundreds of years, it also served as a vital commerce port!

The lovely ancient buildings are now fashionable stores, cafes, and restaurants. You may spend a whole day admiring the grandeur of Galle Fort, from shopping to understanding the history to watching the sunset from the fort’s wall.

Galle Fort is only accessible by the main gate, and a walk around the entire fort takes around two hours. Visit Galle Fort early in the morning to avoid crowded streets. However, sunset is one of the most gorgeous periods of the day, so don’t miss out.


Visit some of the most impressive monuments

Galle is such a wonderful blend of culture and architecture that it’s easy to forget you’re in Sri Lanka. As you stroll amid Dutch-style houses shaded by coconut palms, you’ll get a distinct European vibe.

Even if you aren’t a culture vulture, the structures within Galle Fort will astound you. The fort is a massive structure with interesting museums and gorgeous churches within its gates. The majestic clock tower, which towers high above the fort and looks out to sea, is not to be missed.


Galle Fort Lighthouse is located in Galle, Sri Lanka.

The Galle Fort Lighthouse, surrounded by palm palms and the deep blue water, is a municipal landmark. This image appears on numerous postcards, brochures, and advertisements, inviting visitors to Sri Lanka’s lovely beaches.


This magnificent structure is also Sri Lanka’s oldest lighthouse which is constructed by the British in 1848, and it is still operational today. It’s a must-see on your tour to Galle Fort, with a magnificent sunset view.

Take a stroll around the Galle Fort Wall

Locals and tourists alike congregate on the Galle Fort’s wall to take in the stunning views of the city and the sea. The best part is that you can stroll around the circumference of the fort, getting different viewpoints of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and the town.

Begin at the Galle Fort Lighthouse, which is located on the fort’s southeastern side. The Clock Tower, which connects Galle City and Galle Fort, may be seen as you travel towards the northwest side of the Fort. The walk around the fort is about 2 kilometers long and offers stunning views of the ocean.

The Fort’s Wall as the Sun Sets

One of the greatest things to do in Galle Fort is to watch the sunset from the Fort’s wall. Locals and visitors alike snag a seat along the wall with drinks and snacks in hand, ready to watch the sun set over the sea. Observe the sky become vibrant colors and start up a chat with the people.


Look out from Flag Rock Bastion for adrenaline junkies leaping from cliffs. The natives are experts, and they put on a spectacular show for onlookers by jumping from such a height so near to rocks.

Travel to the South Coast for a Day

Galle Fort is an ideal starting point for a variety of day tours to Sri Lanka’s gorgeous south coast. With white sand, rock pools, and tidal islands, this stretch of coastline is home to some of the country’s most well-known beaches. Surfers from all over the globe visit to enjoy the fantastic waves and warm seas.

Day tours to the surrounding beach towns of Unawatuna which is 10-minute driveor Mirissa which is 1-hour drive are available, where you can see Instagram-famous spots such as Coconut Hill and palm tree beach swings.

Watch a Cricket Match

Cricket is a huge part of Galle’s culture, whether it’s played on the streets or alongside the fort walls. Cricket is linked with Sri Lanka — it is the country’s national sport – so seeing it live is a unique experience. On a hot summer’s day, head to the famed Galle cricket pitch for a cool drink.

How to Get Around Galle Fort

Galle Fort, as one of the most popular tourist locations on the south coast, has good transportation connections. In around 2 hours, you may go from Colombo to Galle Fort rail station by train.

It’s easy to get around Galle Fort because it’s a small town. It’s also the most efficient method to explore sights like Fort Wall and Pedler Street. You may also hire a tuk-tuk to drive you about town or on a day excursion along the coast.

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