Jaffna, Sri Lanka

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Jaffna, Sri Lanka, has a lot to offer

Jaffna is a city on the island of Sri Lanka’s northern coast. In 2009, it began accepting tourists. The city has a strong Indian influence, which can be seen on the streets and in the food, which differs from that of central and southern Sri Lanka. It’s a fantastic 2-to-3-day trip off the beaten road, but keep in mind that you’ll need some additional time in Sri Lanka because it’s a little off the beaten path from the normal tourist traps.

Visit the Market in Your Neighborhood

Begin your Jaffna adventure at the market, where you may immerse yourself in local life. They will be astonished to see your faces, and they will immediately open up when you try to speak with them. Purchase some fruit and strike up a chat with these delightful individuals.

Relax in a Natural Pool or on the Beach

Jaffna is one of Sri Lanka’s more populated cities. Drive 25 minutes to Kankesanthurai Beach to get away from the city. View the crystal pure blue waves and mingle with the people on the beach.

The Nallur Kandaswamy Temple is worth a visit

The city core is a 10-minute drive from this Hindu temple. Simply remove your shoes before entering the red-hued shrine. If you arrive in late August, you may take part in the 25-day Nallur festival.

Consume Indian Influenced Food

Jaffna is a small island in the Indian Ocean. In Jaffna, you may sample some Indian cuisine. While you’re in Jaffna, there are a few eateries that you must visit. Mangos have a Thali that you should try. You will receive around ten little bowls with various tastes, as well as rice.

Or if you want to immerse yourself in the culture. Near the market, go to Malayan Cafe. This Indian bakery sells a variety of bread on banana leaves. Here, 99 percent of the people are locals, and the place is packed all day.

Take a trip to one of the nearby islands

Visiting one of the nearby islands is a popular activity in Jaffna. There are two well-known islands. A short boat ride from the Kurikadduwan Jetty will take you to Nainativu Island. Visit the temple or take a tour of the island.

Delft Island, named after a city in the Netherlands, is the second island. Wild horses and a historic Portuguese fort can be found here. The boat ride from Jaffna takes around an hour, and there are no shops on the island where you can buy snacks or drinks, so bring your own.


Visit the Clock Tower and the Public Library

Visit the historic public library in Jaffna’s city center for some more sightseeing. The British constructed the clock tower nearby.


Visit the Dutch Fort

The historic Dutch Fort is a short walk away from the public library. The Portuguese completed it in 1618. A star-shaped fort is a nice place to go for a brief stroll or to watch the sunset from the beach.



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