The Best Activities in Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka

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The Best Activities in Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka’s Arugam Bay is a surfer’s dream and one of the country’s best beaches. It’s one of those spots on the earth that everyone should visit at least once. Because of its proximity to the world-famous Yala National Park, Arugam Bay is surrounded by a profusion of wildlife, including monkeys, elephants, and crocodiles. It’s worth spending at least three days in the bay because it’s hip and enjoyable. With the help of this book, you may plan your vacation to Arugam Bay.

Information about Arugam Bay
From June to August, the busiest season occurs. The waves of this season are well-known all across the world. There are parties at night. Outside of this season, the weather is still pleasant, but there are no waves or celebrations. When you come, it is entirely up to you. Restaurants and shops are open from February through October.

It is possible to climb Elephant Rock.
Elephant Point is one of the Arugam region’s many lovely bays. Elephant Rock, located at the bay’s edge, is a great place to climb for a panoramic view of the area. The route isn’t the most obvious, yet it only takes 20 minutes to get there.
Leave Arugam Town on the main road and turn left at the Navy Camp sign. Continue straight until you reach a fork in the road, where you should turn right towards a small lake. Just before the lake, turn left and continue straight to the end of the road.

Please keep a few things in mind. Elephants will pass through this area in the morning and late afternoon, therefore coming here alone is not a smart idea. Also, keep clear from the rivers because the area is home to crocodiles. Please accept my apologies for frightening you, but this is something that needs to be said.

Muhudu Maha Viharaya is a Buddhist temple in Muhudu, India.
This gorgeous white temple may be seen from the Arugam Bay shore. It is situated among the Pottuvil sand dunes and is quite beautiful. This is a great combo when combined with a trip to the beach or to Whiskey Point.
Surf and relax at Arugam Bay Beach.
The waves in Arugam Bay are world-famous during peak season. Some say there isn’t a better place in the world to surf. Big corporations have competitions here.
Rent a surfboard and head to Baby Point, Peanut Farm Beach, Main Point, or Elephant Point in town. Arugam Bay’s peak season is from June through August.

Relax at The Hideout or Stay Golden, one of the many cafes in the vicinity, after a day of surfing. Several Yoga classes are also available throughout the peak season at the harbor.

Travel in the Off-Season

Arugam Bay is a must-see due to the lack of waves. With the exception of surfing, all of these sports are available in Arugam Bay between February and March. Prices are around 5 times lower than they are during peak season.

At the Lagoon, you can embark on a safari.

A 2-hour lagoon safari is one of the most popular activities in Arugam Bay. The beautiful untouched lagoons of Kottukal or Urani are home to many crocodiles, elephants, and other creatures. Yala National Park, which is close to Arugam Bay, is a fantastic place to see more wildlife, including leopards.
Arugam Bay Travel Guide Gourmet cooking is a fun way to spend your free time.
Arugam has a plethora of modest, elegant cafes that will thrill foodies. Sri Lankan cuisine, fresh seafood, wood-oven pizzas, vegan dishes, and smoothie bowls are just a few of the items on the menu.

Locate the fisherman and offer assistance.

During the low season, fishermen will be at the main beach every morning. Take a peek at how they weigh their daily catch, which is supplied to restaurants right away. Also, help them drag the boat onto the beach.

Kudumbigala Monastery
A monastery in the bush. Isn’t it fantastic? The drive from Arugam Bay to the cliff’s base takes around 45 minutes. Despite the difficulty of the climb, you will be rewarded with a spectacular view of the surrounding area.

Arugam Bay is a must-see destination.

Arugam Bay deviates from the traditional Sri Lankan route. The best routes to the bay are from Trincomalee (5 hours) or Ella (2 hours) (2.5 hours). A two-day car trip down Sri Lanka’s East Coast can be taken from Trincomalee.

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